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    The Kasino is cool what does it sound like?

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      For being solid state, sounds pretty good. I would say it's almost a Fender amp kind of clean sound. I just resoldered a wire in the reverb box then reflowed a ceramic disc on the tremolo circuit. So I'll fire it up and see if the reverb and tremolo dials work. I also have proper reverb box grommets, shaft springs(for the pot shafts) and a new jewel on the way. Just need to get some knobs ordered.


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        Post clean up, it's sounds good! Ran the Arion and that sounds good, too. It's loud! I have to keep the volume between 1 and 2. The reverb and tremolo isn't completely working. When I turn the reverb up, it hums once I get to 2, then louder as I turn it up. With the reverb up before the hum, I then can get the tremolo depth and speed to work, but it's not very loud. Have to figure that out. The second input/channel is just vol, bass, mid, and high(pull bright). It's not bad, not as full as the main channel. Snapped some more pics.