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  • Cheaper Smaller Version of JCM

    Hey guy's... yep yet another slash fan trying to be like him haha. I was told he uses the Marshall JCM 2555 Silver Jubelee or SL, and trying to get his sound i naturally wanted it. But will never be willing to shell out that kinda money for an amp when i just play at home 99% of the time. I just need like a 15-20 W amp.
    My Question is: is there a cheaper / weaker version of the JCM 2555 with like 20W er somthing going to spend like 375 hopefully. thanks.
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    Re: Cheaper Smaller Version of JCM

    What kind of guitar do u have/ pickups etc. u know stuff u use.


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      Re: Cheaper Smaller Version of JCM

      Well i dont know what kind it is but its got and ash body and Alnico II Pro Pick-ups, and a maple neck. i think it was custom made by the guy i got it from. And i got a digitech rp-50 pedal.


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        Re: Cheaper Smaller Version of JCM

        Unless I'm mistaken, those 50 watt Jubilees have a half power switch so that could get you down to 25 watts? Then you'd have the option to play at home or at gigs. But that isn't in your price range is it...
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          Re: Cheaper Smaller Version of JCM

          No, it really isn'tin my range. Those are like $1000 bucks arnt they, and I dont really have that kinda money to spare on an amp. But thanks for the help man i diddnt know that any amps could do that.