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ML Sound Lab Flagship plugin/stand-alone Friedman models... WOW!!!

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  • ML Sound Lab Flagship plugin/stand-alone Friedman models... WOW!!!

    Just wanted to pass on that I've recently installed the ML Sound Lab Flagship modeling software/plugin (can be run in your DAW software or standalone on your PC if you just want to jam). DAYUMMM!

    I have various DAW plugins from Plugin Alliance (I have both Friedman models, the Deizels, Mesas, etc), the various Toontrack EZ Mix amp models, and Ampire models that came on my Presonus Studio One DAW software. This ML suite KILLS all of the. I've also owned a Line 6 Helix LT, Kemper Profiler, and other great hardware modelers. The Flagship suite Friedman models kill those too. Not only does it nail the tone, it nails the FEEL of those amps. I would know, as I've owned 7 different handwired Friedman amps. I HIGHLY recommend this for those with a decent computer/interface setup. It's AWESOME! Best digital amplifier I've ever used/owned.

    P.S. I mostly play in stand-alone mode with most of my modelers... because I like jamming along with MP3s as they are cranked through my Yamaha HS8 studio monitors. So I'm not even aiming this thread at recording/DAW afficionados. I'm basically just passing it on to people who want those holy grail Friedman amp tones, but can't swing that kind of scratch. Trust me... when my local dealer and friend finally gets another Friedman BE100 Deluxe in... it'll likely be coming home with me (because I've spent time with one of those as well, and should have jumped on it at the time... I also had a BE50 Deluxe in the man cave and always felt like it the one tat got away). But for recording, or just playing without having to get the tubes glowing... this ML Sound plugin is just friggin AWESOME.

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