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Marshall TSL crunch ch Tone Shift button

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  • CaptainWhizz
    On for the SG in standard, off for the Les Paul in Drop B.
    Also, I was impressed with the classic rock sounds of the the SH6 in the first example, thicker than I’ve heard it before.

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  • NegativeEase
    I like the button off -the last example.

    Because it is more mid rangey and less ultra modern like the second one.

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  • 80's_Thrash_Metal
    started a topic Marshall TSL crunch ch Tone Shift button

    Marshall TSL crunch ch Tone Shift button

    I made my Marshall sound so much meaner tonight. I was starting to record a new song, and I started really messing with my amp, trying to dial in a new tone.

    STD tuned SG SH-6 Starts with button ON, then OFF, then back ON

    Example 2
    Drop B Les Paul SH-6
    Button on

    Button off

    Which one do you like better?

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