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Add shimmer to clean channel on Yamaha T100-C

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  • Add shimmer to clean channel on Yamaha T100-C

    Greetings Gurus,

    My modified Yamaha T100-C is lacking a bit in the high frequency department. Single coil sounds with the treble boost engaged have some shimmer, but I'd like a bit more in the channel. Being that it's based on a Soldano SLO, it's very strong in the midrange. Low end is something else - anything above 3-4 on the bass knob and it won't get out of it's own way. Driver is a Celestion G12-H100.

    First thing to do is change to super light guage strings - 10's seem very mid and bass heavy with my ESP M1 Del (HSS, chunky maple neck, Floyd). Other instruments with 9's seem be be more balanced.

    I have an EP Booster and Boss CP-1X compressor. These both help the upper end as well, however, I'm looking for more. I don't want it zingy sounding. The most recent versions of the Soldano SLO are so revealing of the pickups that it can sound almost harsh with some to amazing with other types (hotter passives and EMG's). I don't want that much high end.

    I'm wondering if a capacitor change on the treble and/or presence control would open up the top end a bit and if so, any suggestions? I'm also testing an outboard EQ in the effect loop as well.

    On a slightly different note, I'm noticing it's not very punchy at lower volumes, almost compressed. Thinking it could be a function of it's high gain character or if the power tubes might need replacing.

    Any ideas are welcome.

    Thanks - Scott

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    Get a 10 band EQ and try it out front and in the loop, you can really dial in what you want.


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      Originally posted by jimlp View Post
      Get a 10 band EQ and try it out front and in the loop, you can really dial in what you want.
      I can make my mid-tastic SG spank like a Tele with this trick. Scoop everything below 500hz, boost 7000hz and above.
      Originally posted by crusty philtrum
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        It's a 100W tube amp running at low volume, that is usually a tone problem, the tubes aren't breathing and coupled with the speaker not moving enough usually makes it sound dull. Does it open up when you turn the volume up? I had one of these that I ran through a 4-12 Marshall cab back in the day, nice sounding amps.


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          The presence control should get you pretty far. Other than that you can try clipping out a snubber cap here or there. There is usually one across the Phase inverter. Aside from that, there is not much you can usually do to increase high-frequency content. The presence circuit is the limiting factor for most of the amps for total HF output. Snubber caps that go over plate resistors and or shunt across phase inverters are the other, but these are usually used for HF oscillation control more so than taming HF.


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            Electro Harmonix "Allied Overdrive" !

            I love mine, it's the best pedal I have ever had.

            It has a dual gain/od circuit; three-way input vol. switch, 3-band EQ, and wet/dry blend control.

            It is very easy to dial in a slight added high-frequency harmonic content/shimmer, without coloring or overdriving the sound much.


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