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PS200 with Axe FX Fm9 Vs Matrix GT1000fx

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  • PS200 with Axe FX Fm9 Vs Matrix GT1000fx

    I just purchased the PS200 to use with my Axe Fx FM9.I am using the PS200 to a real cab 4x12 Marshall with cab modeling turned off.

    I was originally using the Matrix GT1000 with my Axe FX III and I tried it out with my FM9 and it sounds great. After using the PS200 in a couple of band practices I am not enjoying my setup as much as I would like. I am hoping someone can give me some insight.

    I find the PS200 to not to be very transparent at all compared to my Matrix GT1000. When I plugged the PS200 in with all the knobs at 12 or 0, I could instantly tell that the unit was coloring my tone. It sounded bassier (too warm almost like a blanket over a cab sound) and the bass response is also spongier. My amp tone also sounds more hairy compared to when I was using my Matrix.

    When I purchased this, I was under the impression that with the knobs turned to 0 and the EQ turned off, that this would be completely transparent. I am finding that I must use the post EQ to get close to my original tone when using the Matrix. I had to turn down the bass, mids and presence on the unit and turn the treble up. If I turn the bass down to much it sounds like cardboard and the bass does not tighten up.

    I am at the point now where it's very close to my original tone with the Matrix, but the bass response is still spongy and not tight the way I like it. Which is huge for me. I have to have a tight bass response. My amp preset still sounds hairy as well.

    Any ideas?

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    Maybe it is the Matrix that is coloring the tone, and you like the way it does that?
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      Could be the cab sim on the PS200
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        If indeed the cab sims are turned off and you are unhappy you may need to return it and get something that will work for you. Why did you move away from the Matrix? Power Amps can be very touchy (as you are finding out) and the right fit for what you play through and want to sound like can change things in a hurry. The best I have found is the Fryette LX for tone quality, power, size, price and without coloring the tone. It isn't cheap but is a great piece of gear.
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          Should have taken the blue pill, I guess.


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            It looks like the Cab Sim and EQ switches only affect the headphone and XLR outputs, not the speaker outs, so I would assume the cab sim is never on the speaker outputs and the EQ is always on those, might be worth consulting the manual, I only looked at pictures.


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              What about an Ampero 2?
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