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JCM 800 kit?

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  • JCM 800 kit?

    What do you think, is it worth a shot?

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    For me, No.

    I wouldn't have the patience.
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      I seen this yesterday. Not for me, but if you have the time and inclination it seems like a winner.


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        300$, but you have to buy the chassis (+50$), and tubes (+100$ish). So 450$. But then you have to build the head cabinet and tolex it so that it looks nice (+100$). So at around 550 - 600$ it's still cheaper than buying a used JCM800 . . . depends on your personality if you think that this would be something fun for you.
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          Yeah. . . Nah, just a fleeting thought.


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            I would not build a 2203/2204 as your first build.
            Oh no.....

            Oh Yeah!


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              For a good simple cheaper tube head I've recently found myself wanting the new EH mig50.


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                Originally posted by solspirit View Post
                What do you think, is it worth a shot?

                I'd go for a Ceriatone kit or Weber kit.

                Some patience (all that soldering/wiring takes a long time if you do it right), discipline and following safety procedures is required.

                Do it in chunks.
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                  I might start with an easier kit, or even some pedals if you haven't done anything like that. Unlike a pedal, you can seriously hurt yourself if you don't know what you are doing.
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                    Sounded good but didn't sound like an 800 to me. I kind of agree/disagree with GuitarStv. I think the head cab would be more than $100. (Marshall styles I've priced were several hundred.). So I think you could get that sound, pre-built, from plenty of existing manufacturers that have affordable Marshall sounding amps.


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                      Here is what I can tell you. While that is sold as a kit, it is really far from it. They simply sell you a PCB board that is preloaded and ready for install. Aside from some assembly and buying a few finishing parts, it is pretty much a Lego set that is already built and all you do is put stickers on it.

                      While I know you are probably more interested in a high gain amplifier, with your limited experience in amp building and tinkering, it is usually best to start with something more simple and work your way up. Starting with an amp kit for a 5E3, a Valve Jr, or perhaps even an AC15 is considerably easier to learn and understand. If you can build a simple amp easily, then you can step up to more complex amp designs. In the case of the KLD, you don't really learn anything, you just put a few parts in a box, connect it all up and pray.

                      You can source all the parts to build an amp from scratch for about the same price they are selling this for. You can also find kits that are truly kits on eBay, Amazon, and the like. Kits are generally sold for around $100 more than you can get the parts for yourself. I just finished my amp design and I can get all the parts needed to build it for about $350, and that is using the highest quality stuff I can find and not at bulk pricing. Most of building an amp comes down to research. You have to know the design you want to build, you have to find the sources of all the parts and you have to have a plan for building it. One of these days I will do a YT video series on building amps. I have another amp to build as we speak, but I am putting it off until I can find the energy to do just that.


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                        Pipe dreaming I suppose, I would like to try doing some pedals though. The quest for bedroom volume Marshall tones will continue.