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In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

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    Re: In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

    Does anyone need more than these tones:
    Laney GH100TI, maybe a bit too metal for you, however, it was just to show that Laney is a great brand, and maybe it'll encourage you to check out some of their other amps. Listen to the solos, it is kinda bluesy.

    (it is recorded from the audience, by some dude, so not a professional recording, but sounds good to me)

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      Re: In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

      JW - What's a good price on a used Shiva/Ecstacy?


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        Re: In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

        Try using a TS808 overdrive pedal in front of your Rectoverb, through the clean channel.

        I did this with my rectoverb (series I rectoverb) and I really get a wonderful tone - warm, round, fat, not mechanical. I especially like the sound from my 59 bridge pickup in my Hertigage/Les Paul guitar.

        The TS808 made me keep my rectoverb.
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          Re: In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

          May I suggest an Orange? Like a Marshall, but not... nicer cleans, and lurrrrrvly crunch sounds. Stick a pedal in front and you get great leads too, but since they are made in the UK I dunno how easy they are to get in the US. Loads of british bands use them, though, so DEFINITELY try one if you get the chance.
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            Re: In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

            I had an all tube, 55 Watt Rivera Fandango ( EL34s ) that I believe would do extremely well for you. They also make a 100 Watt, and a Quina that is nearly identical only it has 6L6s (?). The EL34s aren't all as sparkly clean as the Fender tones, but do clean well, and get into beefy mids, and snarling mean when you say so. I had the 2X12 combo which I am currently trading for a 45 Watt Rivera Clubster ( EL34s ). I don't play any decent sized venues like you might, and at 75 pounds the 55W 212 was more than I'll ever need. The Clubster is nearly identical but weighs 38 pounds, and has only one speaker. I'm a knee-jerk Rivera fan, and I believe that they are making the best stuff out there, and are priced extremely well considering that they are really a top of the line company. I'm seeing new Fandangos around $2K.
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              Re: In Search of New Amplifier...Need Directions

              From Boogie to Rivera...
              Have not met a Rivera yet that I have liked much in the long run.
              Have you tried the Traynor YV something 50 combo??
              It is that new blue one, got a very good plexi like leadchannel, abit darker but still with that nice bite, good cleans too.