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Vintagetone Amps??

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  • Vintagetone Amps??

    Hi all,, Is there any love or knowledge about this brand as seen on Reverb & on the company's site?

    Thnx again~

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    They look good.


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      Looks like some good alternatives to Fenders. I am not sure what advantages, other than they might be a little cheaper.
      Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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        I'm not trying to knock them, but they are basically selling you kits that come from China. Yes they are built here in the states and they are sold at a very reasonable price, but the economy models are straight-up China kits. The $100 - $200 price increase for the standard and premium models is where they make their money. The cost in parts won't even add up to $50 in extra cost. Another consideration is the age of this site, Classic Tone Transformers has closed its doors and the only CT trannies you can get are the ones that haven't sold yet. Most have sold out for these options of amps.

        If they are in fact built here in the USA, they offer one heck of a deal. The kits can be ordered on Alibaba, Amazon, and other sites in bulk for pretty cheap. Mableaudio sells fully built models that you can get into the states for less than $600! Hand-wired, fully built, and not really bad quality either. You can order these kits with custom options and if you buy enough kits, you can almost save $100 per unit!. Getting a $200 kit and selling it for $600 is not a bad deal either way. The real hope is that they are in fact building them and not buying them fully built from China already!?!?

        So while I say they are basically selling kits, I don't mean that in a bad way, it is just not the best of the best. Their premium models don't save you much over just getting the real deal, although I would argue that their premium models are probably still better than the real modern production crap. It is just that you are not saving much money at that point.


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          I hear you EWiz.... I think I'm better off sprucing up my Gibson GA6 & GA40T,, my tweed killers when working well~ Damn, I'll follow your lead, & focus on my next Strat purchase... thnx