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"New" Amp Day

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  • "New" Amp Day

    So my "new" Marshall Origin 50 Head from Musician's Friend showed up this morning in Texas in a giant, beat up box with a Guitar Center location in California on the return label. There was no manufacturer packaging whatsoever, and the power cable and the footswitch were both plugged in. When I went to pick up the head by the handle on the top, it started coming apart. The left side of the head shell was broken from the bottom, and the right side was in the process of doing the same thing.

    I got someone on the phone who was obviously new and had about sixteen questions for her supervisor. She promised to call me back once they were sorted out, but that didn't happen by 5:00 this afternoon, so I called back. I learned that Musician's Friend/GC is using floor models to satisfy demand because of supply chain issues. Anyway, now it's in an Amazon box back to Musician's Friend while I wait for their back order from Marshall to be filled.

    I hope everyone else had a nice day.

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    They did the same thing with my JBL monitors. If they were not listed as open box they owe you "something". In my case, I was upgraded to a better set of monitors.

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      And this is why I stopped doing business with both MF and GC. The last time I tried ordering from MF, I got such a runaround that I cancelled the order and told them to drop me from their mailing lists. I'm done with both.


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        You have to blatantly ask and make sure they are not floor models and are in a sealed box from the distribution center, not a store. If so, you are good to go. I always ask how many are in stock at the warehouse as well. When they answer I restate my point that if it is in anyway a return, demo, in store, open box, etc it is going back.
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          Wow that sucks! Good luck getting it all sorted out but what a PITA!
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            They(MF) don't even send me discount codes anymore. If I have to call in anyway then I go with Sweetwater, and when possible find a good deal used from Reverb/Ebay.
            It's probably been a year or two since ordering anything other than on-sale strings/picks/cables.


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              Thats pretty awful. Even I wouldnt accept that.

              I buy sparingly from that group, like when my preferred sources dont carry it, or when GC has a used item that I want. I have had good transactions on used stuff from GC. Unlike MGR, they will ship to my preferred address and not just the billing address for my card, which is a poor place to ship packages.
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                That is terribly disappointing. I hope your wait won't be too long. I would have sent it back, too.
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                  waiit... i can upload pics?

                  sorry about the amp, thats a bummer for sure. hopefully it doesnt take them forever to get you a new one


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                    I wasn't able to upload pictures through Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.


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                      Can you hot-link to Imgur with IMG tags?

                      [IMG]url[/IMG and just close the second bracket.

                      I believe I have a small, dim ember of musical talent glowing within me. I catch a glimpse of it now and then; it is enough to keep me going.


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                        Yeah, they did the same thing to me with a recent new bass purchase. It came from some Guitar Center in some different packaging, and didn't even have any freakin' knobs on the bass. It blew my mind. I called, they knocked some money off of it, and sent me some knobs.


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                          i havent been able to upload pics forever but it seems to be working for me.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Yes, finally fixed!
                            Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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                              I buy from GC quite often but ship to my local shop. I open it there, check it out and if it’s not what I bought, I return it right there or get compensated quickly.