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  • noad

    here are the two pro reverbs i played before deciding on the one on the right. its a '66 in great shape with one original jensen and one swapped out square magnet speaker. both amps sounded great but the one i picked sounded a little thicker, could be due to the replacement speaker for all i know. im just happy you can post pics again!

    Click image for larger version

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    A silverface Pro was the best amp I've ever used...I bet yours sounds even better.
    Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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      there were a bunch of awesome amps in that room. you can see the old super reverb and marshall bluesbreaker, but there was a brown concert, a silverface deluxe reverb, a tweed pro, tweed princeton, bf princeton reverb, rivera era super champ, '67 100w plexi, a marshall super bass that i think is a '68. lots of great toys for sure!

      my '66 pro reverb sounds like you want a bf fender reverb amp to sound like. i like the 2x12 and 40w better than any of the other mid wattage fenders like a super or vibrolux. im sure my '66 deluxe reverb will still get most of the gigging time but this is a great amp


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        Fantastic, congrats!
        Oh no.....

        Oh Yeah!


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          Awesome, congrats… I’d love one of those!