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EL34's In Mesa Tremoverb

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  • EL34's In Mesa Tremoverb

    Hello everyone, has anyone ever tried EL34's in their Mesa Tremoverb before? I tried it very briefly years ago on my 1995 Mesa Tremoverb that's in my signature but don't really remember what it sounded like. I have the Tremoverb setup right now at practice spot, play in 2 guitarist Classic rock/hard rock/80's hair metal covers band, other guitarist is using new Marshall dsl40cr combo with 80's Marshall vertical 2x12 angled cab and my Tremoverb was converted to a head by my brother in law years ago and using the Combo Mesa cab with factory 16 ohm celestion vintage 30's cab was made closed back and running in 8 ohms.
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    Custom Made Ernie Ball Musicman Copy Dimarzio Super Distortion's
    2019 EVH 5150 III 50 Watt Head 6L6
    1995 Mesa Boogie Tremoverb converted to Head
    Mesa Tremoverb 2x12 cab (factory Vintage 30's) converted to closed back
    Marshall 1960A 4x12 (2 Celestion G12T-75's and 2 WGS Retro 30's X patterned
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    I have a pair of the mesa str-447 el34 I use in my single rectifier. They are re-branded EH. I've never tried them in the Tremoverbs though.
    They will absolutely take you in the direction of the music styles you guys are playing. More bark in the mids and less fizz, while the lows are less deep and a little quicker. With the 447 you can use the amp's presence through a greater range without getting harsh IMO.

    What tubes are in there now? I'd guess probably the mesa 420 or 440?

    A couple years back they changed the stock rectifier tubes from 440 (which are re-branded Ruby from the factory in China that burned down) over to 445 (JJ-6L6).
    The 445 is a bit more full in the mids and a bit more trimmed/tight in the lows. They are certainly 6L6s but do take a step in the direction of 6ca7 or e43L.