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Can you run a hybrid amp without a cab?

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  • Can you run a hybrid amp without a cab?

    I have an Orange Micro Dark and its 1x8 cab and I wanna play it thru headphones but since the cab is still plugged in it still plays thru the cab so I wanna know… Can you run a hybrid amp(tube preamp, solid state power) without a cabinet?

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    ss power amp should be fine without a load but im not familiar with that amp specifically


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      According to the manual you are safe to disconnect the speakers while you've got headphones plugged in:

      Important to note though - you must connect the speakers or the headphones while the amp is on. It might break something if you run without any load.
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        SS power amps are fine with out a load, they basically can't make any current with an infinite impedance. Tube amps on the other hand, if they don't have a speaker connected (unless they have an internal load like some modern amps do) see a near zero impedance through the transformer windings if no speaker is connected so they try to make near infinite current, which they physically can't, so they often die trying.


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          Alright, thanks for the information.


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            Your appreciation is appreciated, thank you, thank you very much.