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    Re: pedal question.....

    Subdecay Blackstar:

    The other guitarist in my band uses this pedal and it is amazing. True Bypass, very well built, and killer sound. Very high gain, low noise, no fuzz.

    Barber Direct Drive:

    All of Barber's pedals are built like tanks, have true bypass and sound great. The Direct Drive is a bit more tame than the Blackstar, but it's a wonderful sounding crunch pedal.




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      Re: pedal question.....

      I'm really a blues guy myself, so maybe you'll want to read my comments with a grain of salt. Everyone out there is looking for *the* pedal. I have an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 ( which I guess evolved into the TS9 ? ) and it could be coaxed into some decent distortion in the right hands. Most people say this is the pedal of choice. Frankly, I'm not sure I can distinguish it much from my Boss Blues Driver BD2 - which was half the price - but then I may be an ignorant heathen. My personal fave of all time is the Ibanez Tube King, but my applications are really all blues oriented, as I have said. I also have a Digitech GNX4 Workstation, which does amp modeling, drum machine, recording, multiple effects, playback, mixing & more, but they go for over $500 I think ( I took mine in a trade ). I would very highly recommed one of these if you can swing it.

      I've had various Boss overdrive pedals that everyone says are so great, but I traded mine cuz they sounded like mush to me. If you don't mind throwing money at the issue, some folks are saying that the BadCat Extreme, and Two Tone pedals are the best out there for everything from SRV grind to serious distortion. They run big money, and I haven't tried one. Here are some reviews.
      "If you love them blues, play 'em as you please"
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        Re: pedal question.....

        The true bypass thing is frankly a overblown thing, the real issue is what impendance the damm things have!
        Some like Toadworks, have some really simple pedals, no buffers no nothing, so it is all in the hands of your guitar and amps impendance...meaning that it is somewhat unstable at best.
        Some have high imp in and out....does not help in the noise department or statics or other wonderful things!
        And so on...there are probally a few who can debate this to death and come with a thousand fantastic reasons why it should be like that....can't work me up
        And if the state of your direct sound really was that huge a factor!!
        Run the pedals like a rack, parallel....
        Mix the stuff along with your normal direct sound.
        That is how I used to run my gear, everything wet went through a linelevel mixer, everthing dry was directly into the input of the amp, always direct....
        Well I have long since stopped caring much for it that way, now I just put something together that sounds good to my ears, high imp in and low out, less noise and not much troubles with long cords either, and my sound still has the same punch as if I went directly into the amp!
        So it is the impedance that really matters.


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          Re: pedal question.....

          Originally posted by Rid
          True poppass as I usually calls it
          That's priceless.

          Your last post makes very good sense, Rid. Good info.


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            Re: pedal question.....

            ahahah True PopEyeAss!
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