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    Originally posted by Blille View Post

    That makes sense. I’ve never played a 22 but it sounds like it punches above its weight. I really hope things get back on track for you so you can rebuild your tasteful amp collection.
    THANKS! The v22 is a bargain if you are not expecting Marshall or Mesa tone quality. The tone stack is bf fender and it has 4 gain stages on the gain channel so it can kinda rip with a pedal on the dirty side too. But the open back 112 format is not great for chugging I'll admit


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      Amp regrets… I remember when I was 15 and borrowed my uncle’s Acoustic Control 125 over the summer. He wanted it back (I assumed to jam or whatever), but instead gave it to his brother in law. Brother in law never played it, just sat in a garage. (Probably still rotting away in the garage)

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        Originally posted by Blille View Post

        That’s a nice selection of amps you’ve played! How did you end up with the Bugera?
        Good question.
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