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    Played the new Line 6 Catalyst today. The 60 watt version. If Line 6 think they're going to give Boss some competition in this price range they're out of their minds. This amp just doesn't stack up in features or tone. It does have an effect loop, probably the best thing I can say about it. This is just my opinion. I used to have the Spider ll head and was never crazy about it. But the Spider series is better. I'm sure others will disagree. But if you own a Katana and thinking about selling it for this, don't. Try one out for yourself and see.

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    Originally posted by UnderTheFlame83 View Post
    ...if you own a Katana and thinking about selling it for this, don't.
    That seems to be the general consensus!

    Also, if you haven't bought a Katana yet, do yourself a favor and get the 100W version, not the 50. Not only does it sound better, but you won't miss out on the effects loop and ability to add the nicer footswitch


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      ^ Yep, I got the 100 watt Katana head. Its a beast.


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        Didn't Line 6 do the POD?
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            Wow, I *hated* the Spider series, so it is doubtful I'd dig the Catalyst. I like other stuff L6 makes, I just never liked their amps.
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