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    Originally posted by Securb View Post

    To break in speakers and burn in tubes faster I play a clip on my looper and let it play all day while I am at work. Not sure how this would work if you have neighbors close by.
    Both myself and my wife work from home and we live in an apartment, but it sounds great already so no worries. I'll let it break in naturally.


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      Originally posted by playas View Post
      I was wondering if it might be what I need for my prri.

      Playing at home it sounds great, but at volume the high end is harsh and predominant. I also wouldn't mind something a bit more efficient than the stock jensen speaker, although - I haven't been able to find the exact efficiency.

      I'm trying to come up with a short list and thought it seemed to have potential.
      Take a look at the WGS ET 10. I dropped one in my little Mesa Subway Rocket and it totally transformed that amp. Little amp freaks soundguys out when I mic it how good it sounds in the FOH for such a tiny little amp. Had a lot of 10's over the years and REALLY like this speaker!
      The little Rocket with the ET 10 live running only a little verb and delay in the loop. Cleans are also very good but man does it rip on the crunch side!!
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