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Best effects unit ?

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  • Best effects unit ?

    Wots the best unit to use with the atomic reactor 112 for playing modern metal??????, ive looked at pod xt but many presets seem to be very classic sounding or blues, i cud be wrong theres probly more to this unit than i know my knowledge is very little

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    Re: Best effects unit ?

    I have a Digitech GNX4 that has every possible rock effect / amp modelling, recording, drum machine, mixing, playback and a ton more. I think it's the best thing going ( runs around $500 new I think ). Is it just me or did your keyboard break ?
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      Re: Best effects unit ?

      the podxt has the Metal Pack you can buy which has all the metal you'll ever need. Another option is the Boss GT8, which has great metal sounds...but never go by the preset names on any multifx...most presets are terrible, so get used to programming your own...
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