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    Hi all~ I've tried emailing & calling these folks, but having no luck... Is anyone aware of any back door??

    Many thanks~

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      Psionic Audio AKA Lyle, is a pretty busy fellow. He has amps on his channel that have been sitting in his que for months. He stated about a year ago that he was making a shift to focus on YT as a way to boost his business. Watching his channel, you would know that. So he is not exactly free of time. He is posting about 2 videos or more a week! For me, doing even 1 video a week is a challenge. He has a contract with a local guitar store, and of course his own regular clientele, and finally whoever manages to slip in the backdoor.

      So how do you find his backdoor? Got me, but I bet if you do, it is going to be a 6+ month wait for everyone else trying to get a sniff. Lyle is a great tech, but he is not what I would consider the best. He has a few concepts that I don't align with. That is a me thing though; regardless I can assure you he does great work that is in the top 1%. All amp techs have a thing...

      All I'm really trying to say is that he is going to be tough to get a hold of, and if you do, the wait for your jobs turnaround will be LOOOOONG. That is a good thing actually because it means you found the right tech, bad because you are not in his inner circle.


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        Thanks for the candor, & I believe I'll pass on this guy...Too bad~ I need a guy who's a whiz with Blues Jr.'s & Pro Jr.'s, & he had a video that absolutely nailed what I've been looking for.... Any other tech known to you all who's established & reliable, and good with Fenders??


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          One of the previous mods on here, Scott F, used to build Fender types. Don't know if he ever serviced Fender's, but at least might know other builders/techs? Not sure if he's still around, still working, or moved on / retired.


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            scott built old style hand wired amps, im sure he worked on some pc board stuff but its sure not what he was into. there are tons of mods out there for blues jrs. there are a handful of good techs in my area, but they all have a backlog. im guessing there is a good tech somewhere local to you?


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              Originally posted by jeremy View Post
              there are a handful of good techs in my area, but they all have a backlog.
              My guy is swamped lately. I had him do some work on the JC120 and it seemed to be 3 -4x longer for him to get the amp back to me. I asked him if there was an extra charge seeing between the time I dropped it off and picked it up the JC120 is now considered vintage.


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                Guitar amps techs are a dying breed. It's an old man thing to do. Most techs are in their 40s to 70+ years of age. Finding one that is 30-40 years old is hard to do. And even if you do, what level are they at? Even those with EE degrees don't know a thing about reading old schematics and fixing tooob amps but can rip a MAC apart and fix it with ease ( think Luis Rossman, and even he is getting older ). The technology is simple, yet hard. It's like asking a modern automotive tech to fix a distributor with points and a condenser. They know what it is, but they have never done it. Did I just age myself??????