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    New Old Record Console Day. I bought a 1957 Voice Of Music 566a record console that I'm going to restore/convert. Below the record player, there's a drawer for records but I'm thinking of putting a modern solid-state stereo with remote in there because the record player alone isn't that useful for me. Also, the amplifiers and speakers are old and low wattage so they might be better converted to guitar amps. I could replace the speakers with modern speakers with better power handling.

    The first and second photos show the record player with an amplifier, speakers, and turntable. The speaker is an original Jensen P12P and the amplifier uses two Voice Of Music labeled Mullard EL84s. Converting the main amplifier might take a bit of work. Everything works fine but the capacitors need to be replaced plus 3-prong power cords and fuses added. The third photo shows the extension cabinet with its own power amplifier. The power amp for the extension cabinet uses a single 12ax7 and 6V6 tube. The Voice Of Music 8810 is a cool little portable amplifier that can be used as a guitar head without any conversion. I'm unsure of what kind of speaker is in that unit.

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    I have my great-grandmothers Brunswick Victrola (yes - the bowling ball people) and it still works. I have all her 78's, which are mostly classical composers, early country music (Gid Tanner & the Skillet Lickers, etc.) or 100 year old jazz (Bix Beiderbecke, etc.). I haven't fired it up in years, maybe I should.
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      Alnico speakers, no less! Noice!