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Help With RC Davis Amp.....?

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  • Help With RC Davis Amp.....?

    Greetings ampoholics~ I need a hand with this here guitar amp. It was made by a renowned SF, CA company... It works fine & sounds great, though i have yet to crank it..... 2-6V6's, GZ34, 2-12AX7's & 1-12T7....
    The only strange behavior thus far is that the Mid control, that when brought down, the most of the amp sound goes down, AND the Bass control has very little affect. (Tone pots are 250K, 100K & 250K) I've labeled all the relevant pots & parts~
    My main questions, which the builder was unable to answer, was 1) There's that lone 9pin tube socket that, according to builder, was not being used , especially "if there was no 7th tube included",,,,,
    2) It seems that the red reverb pot & tank connections are hooked into the middle 12**7 slot, so should that not be where an AT7 might go??

    I know enough, being able to eyeball which is the 1st AX7 Pre, & is the 3rd pre slot is the tone circuit, & what would or should be another AX7?? It's a clear snapshot, so enlarging it show enough, i believe. That's a bias trim pot adjacent to the 2 power tubes? Is that Mid pot value, 100k, the reason I'm getting that volume suck as i go below 12:00, the way my Boogies do when you turn all the tones down?
    And that lone 9pin, which to me seems to be boarded up & shut down but still connected to the other pre's?? Any risks to having all AX7's? I want the most possible gain, the best Reverb return level.....

    A million & one thanks, folks, & be well~

    Click image for larger version

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