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Has anyone tried ToneSpeak speakers

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  • Has anyone tried ToneSpeak speakers

    These look interesting and promising.

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    No, but I am interested.


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      I own about a dozen MISCO speakers. They are made in St. Paul MN and are of good quality. An assortment of sizes from 8" to 12" with ceramic, alnico, hemp, and paper cones. They also make Voice Of Rock (VOR) speakers and Tone Tubby speakers. The ToneSpeak speaker I own is the New Orleans that has a ceramic magnet and hemp cone. I also have two alnico magnet 12" and one alnico magnet 10" with hemp cones that correspond to Tone Tubbys. The others have mostly weenie baskets and correspond to VOR speakers.
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        Thanks for the info. I am very interested in the Liverpool speakers for my AC30, but I know very little about the company.


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          Here's the issue that I have with their speakers. At $150 per speaker, they are a great value for a well-built American speaker. However, the problem is they only have audio reviews for a select few of their models. Many don't have any sound samples and they have done very little to promote them. What good is it if they have five pro reviews for three models and ZERO for the other nine? To me that smacks of good R&D but poor marketing.

          Like Eminence, they are selling speakers styled on well-known models from their competitors. On paper, they look competitive and if you look at their tone curves they look similar to something like a Celestion. However, like Eminence and their redcoat series, they sound different than what they are modeled after when compared head to head.

          If they want to compete they need to do head-to-head comparisons with their competitors for ALL of their models and not overproduced sound samples of a few of their models. If like Eminence they produce a derivative they need to give stripped-down sound samples and head-to-head comparisons and let people judge whether they are better/worse/different than their competition.

          Their marketing likes to talk about their similarities to "classic speakers" but if there's no way to compare them other than their spec sheet nobody is going to give them a chance. I can spend $150 for a Celestion Vintage 30 from China which I can hear everywhere and I know what they sound like or I can spend $150 on an American-made speaker that SAYS it sounds like the best Celestions but there are no sound samples available. Which do you choose?
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            While looking into these based on this thread, I ran across a video of one of the owners mentioning that one of the involved people is Anthony Lucas. If memory serves right, he was with Eminence long ago when I reached out to them and was helpful and awesome.


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              Most of the sound samples are of the Austin 1250 or Birmingham 1275. Here's a head-to-head with a Jensen and Austin 1250. Although their product literature likes to talk about them being modeled on the Jensen's they sound very different. So, until they start doing competitive evaluations like this their marketing will fall short.


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                I saw on YouTube
                where this Speaker guy in Germany
                was talking to a Jensen Speaker guy
                about how they lost the specs on the old Jensens
                and had to recreate them from scratch with new materials
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                  They sound nice and certainly worth trying for the price they are (Celestion's) Really like the Birmingham especially.

                  They'd be $300+ if I bought one here though (lots for shipping + customs @ 70% ). Too bad.

                  My only hope is if they start turning up in local stores @ actual prices. I saw the Mojotone one's in a store the other day. Never seen them for sale here before. Pretty reasonable too. I'd give that one w/ a dinky magnet a go (sweet US vintage style sound) if I ever need another speaker...

                  Maybe these will turn up too...lets see.
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