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  • Treble Booster?

    A friend of mine wanted to know what treble boost pedal to get. I don't have much (any) experience with them so I thought I would come here to ask. He's using a Gibson Custom 68 Les Paul RI through an Orange Rockerverb 100 half stack. He plays hot blues/classic rock. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Re: Treble Booster?

    Analogman Beano Boost...hands down!
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      Re: Treble Booster?

      Tell him to install the Hot Rodded Combo :P
      Seriously, though, there's the Boss EQ Pedal, that should do the trick, with or without the SD Pickup booster.
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        Re: Treble Booster?

        BSM makes great stuff.
        Bernd Meiser goes to great lengths to do the vintage/retro thing with great success. I have a BSM OR treble & bass booster, and its killer.

        you can hear the BSM OR at
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          Re: Treble Booster?

          screaming treble tree


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            Re: Treble Booster?

            Analogman Beano's a clone of the old Dallas RangeMaster, and the three position tone switch really comes in handy.

            Also, there really isn't much to a treble booster, and once you see inside one you'll realize how much of a rip-off the BSM prices are.
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