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  • Let's Talk Analog Delay

    I just bought a Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man analog delay. I have never had a delay pedal but I have always felt like I needed one. Is that weird? Anyway, I kind of need some Delay 101 advice on what to do with it.

    It has 3 knobs that control the dealy - Delay, Feedback and Mix. It also has some Chorus and Vibrato but I think I can figure those out.

    First of all, does anyone have one of these pedals and could share some settings?

    Second, give me some ideas for applications. I'd like to get a nice U2 Streets Have No Name tone, an Pink Floyd The Wall effect and a slap-back or doubled effect.

    Let me know what you think.

    Rock on.

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    Re: Let's Talk Analog Delay

    It does overload easy, got one myself.
    Had it for ages now.
    I on the other hand love the colouration of it.
    It can get very cool Beatles like sounds as well.
    I have no settings that I always use with it, tweak it till it fits


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      Re: Let's Talk Analog Delay

      Short delay plus no/low feedback will give you a real metallic sound as you bring up the level.

      As you increase the delay, it will have a "slap" sound.

      Long delay, plus lot's of feedback will give a reverby soundor echo.

      Moderate delay plus moderate feedback will get you a good "ambience delay" sound. Not verby, or metallic.

      If the delay is really short, with no feedback, you can "fatten" the sound but don't hear it as a delay.

      As for U2 - goodluck. I don't know that the Edge ever used a pedal or a single delay for his sound.

      And as always, experiment to taste. I've never found that TOO long, TOO many repeats or max levels (or any combination of those things) sounded good, though.
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