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Looking for a nice clean amp tone

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    Re: Looking for a nice clean amp tone

    I have just seen the laney 15-R, for less 200.

    What do you make of this one?
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      Re: Looking for a nice clean amp tone

      The Cure used a Peavey Stereo Chorus 2-12 on alot of their early stuff. These can be found used on Ebay for very little money and are alot warmer sounding and versatile then a Roland Jazz Chorus.

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        Re: Looking for a nice clean amp tone

        Blues Junior! That's a fine sounding little amp! But I've read that it needs a different speaker to live up it's ful potential. Great cleans, it's 15W but can still get loud! We cranked it all the way in the band room and it could hold up next to the drummer. It did distort slightly by then, but that was a very interesting sound by itself too!

        You can get those 2nd hand for $350 I think.
        I would suggest testing one in a store to see if you like it.