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  • Rocktron Silver Dragon owners...

    Is it very noisy or is it just mine? I know od's are noisy but this one is extremely noisy.
    Swapping the tube did nothing, but the input jack is kinda loose. It still functions but the guitar cable won't keep a tight fit and comes out too easy. Could this be the source of the noise?

    It doesn't really bother me when playing but it's not supposed to hiss so much right?

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    Re: Rocktron Silver Dragon owners...

    Thatīs the main Gripe Iīve had with almost all Rocktron Pedals for some wierd reason.. I love their rack stuff, but the Rampage, SD, and Blackjack just totally turned me off with the hiss...

    BUUUUT: Rocktron also makes the HUSH Noise gate... Coincidence??? Maybe not after all
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      Re: Rocktron Silver Dragon owners...

      LOL! We should get a free hush with every pedal we buy from them