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  • Amp for strat

    hi, i just have put an invader in my strat and i am looking for a new amp to purchase. My question is which amp would be a good match for the strat. i want to get a tube but that will all depend on cash. so could anyone suggest a good amp (prefferably not solid state) thats thats worth the money and would suit the strat with the invader.


    help much appriciated

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    Re: Amp for strat

    it's not so much what will suit the invader, you can get it to sound good with any amp...the real question is what type of music and sound are you wanting to get?
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      Re: Amp for strat

      well the kinda stuff im into is sorta ranging from pop-punk to heavy metal so it would have to be an amp that does gain well.


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        Re: Amp for strat

        Peavy XXX combo, Valveking, Marshall DSL 401 combo, Marshall JCM800 combo, Peavy 5150 combo. These can all be had for under $600.
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