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My GT12ax7 Mullard is going in the trash

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    Re: My GT12ax7 Mullard is going in the trash

    Originally posted by Gearjoneser
    I haven't had any issues, but I've heard that there were problems with the first batch, then they sorted it out, and others are perfectly fine. I dunno, I still like the C's a lot more. They have the same kinda gain, but they're tighter and more focused. The M's can be a little muddy in some amps, especially amps made for highgain. I think my favorite new pre tubes are the GT-C, Sovtek LPS, and JJ ECC803S.
    Speaking of the Sovtek LPS, did they stop making those? I was looking at one site, and they didn't have them anymore. Same with another tube dealer site.
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      Re: My GT12ax7 Mullard is going in the trash

      at this rate, i don't think i would wanna check out GT tubes.
      I was reading the webpage recently and almost placed an order on the 6L6GC
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