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  • Behringer Cabinet Report

    So I have got the Behringer cabinet (BG412S) for 2 days. I must say that this is a good cabinet. It looks and feel very solid; it's also quite heavy.

    My main setup (the simple way): Ibanez 7 string > TriAxis > VHT 2502 > Behringer cabinet (in stereo).

    In comparison to Marshall 1960 Lead, Mesa Traditional Rectifier, and B52 cabinet, the Behringer cab is the most neutral sounding. This is good for me, but some of you may prefer a cab that colors your sound. This cab also handles my 7 string very well. It doesn't sound handicapped in producing the 7th string sound at all, this also proves that it can handle low end notes well.

    In addition, the angled top speakers placement accomodates a stereo setup nicely. With my setup, I can get that out of place surround sound.

    This cabinet is very nice, including its price. Some people just think that Behringer doesn't make good products and bash it right away. I bet that if Behringer increases the price of this cabinet, say around $500 and up (I hope not, please don't), people's prejudice would change.

    In short, if you know how to tweak your sound, then this cab will reproduce your sound as it is--crap in crap out. Granted that I did not test the other 3 cabinets with my setup, but I would still pick this cab over those cabs.

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    Re: Behringer Cabinet Report

    If it works for you ... that's all which matters
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      Re: Behringer Cabinet Report

      i have mixed feelings thinking of behringer.
      one the one hand, they have the reputation to build things cheap.
      one the other hand, i have a midsize behringer mixer, for 129.- eurobucks,
      which fell down and also took the shock of a big glassbottle, which also
      fell down and badly warped two slide pots badly.
      i put the pots levers back in shape and it still works fine.

      i wonder if behringer basscabs are fine also. i can't decide between building
      cabs on my own (which i did for pa some years ago), or buy some.
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        Re: Behringer Cabinet Report

        great for you
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          Re: Behringer Cabinet Report

          Glad to hear you like it, but I'll just stick to my Marshall and Vox cabs. Even if Behringer does raise its prices.
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