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I was playing around with some small Crate Tube amps yesterday

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  • I was playing around with some small Crate Tube amps yesterday

    I was at GC and was lugging around the most expensive LP I could reach on the wall It was 59 reissue I think. Anyway I plugged it into a 5 watt Crate amp first. JAcked it up, and got a REALLY nice mellow grainy overdrive. Reminded me of Jimmy Page's solo on Tangerine.

    I moved over to the amp next to it (same line just 30 wats). And plugged it in. This one of course had gain and a EQ which the tiny one did not.

    I gotta say that thing KICKED ASS all over the place, Got great crunch out of it. Even better than my Traynor. I think it was only like $400 too. Iwish I had money to throw around

    Here's pics and such

    The 5 watt

    I couldn't find a pic of the other but here's a review

    it was much cheaper at GC surprisingly
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    Re: I was playing around with some small Crate Tube amps yesterday

    The small Crate tube amps seem to be amazing for what they are. If i wouldn't have to get a transformator to use them here in Europe i might even import one.

    Since we are talking small tube here. Did some testing with one of those Ibanez Valbee 5 Watt Class As today. Killer amp for the it's price and size. Beatiful warm and smooth clean sounds. Pushing it a little reveals some very nice bluesy tones and under high gain it remains tight and smooth and can really roar. Soundwise great and i'm definitely getting one soon. Gotta be careful with the EQ though,it's active and if you turn the knobs too much it can easily get muddy or harsh; be gentle with it . Build-wise it seems rock solid. Only things it might need: nice tubes and a tad of reverb to open up the sound a little(with some reverb you'd never know it's a 6,5" speaker).
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