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Effects loop problem with Boss DD-3 pedal?

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  • Effects loop problem with Boss DD-3 pedal?

    hi guys-i could use some info on this problem i'm experiencing.i've been playing through a line 6 pod pro rack-mount unit along with a s/s power amp for a few years now.i've been looking at buying a tube head again lately and have really been checking out the randall mts 50-watt module head out there for its flexability.anyways,while playing through it at a local music store,i've run across a weird problem.on my pod pro,i use delay(set "on" always,but set lightly-for a little extra touch to my tone)as far as to try and test out this randall head,i've borrowed my friend's boss dd-3 delay pedal to plug into the effects loop to really simulate the way i've been playing through my pod pro.first i plugged the dd-3 into the serial loop of the randall amp.i turned on the pedal and here's the problem-i can barely get any delay effect to come through the amp,even with the level knob turned all the way up.also,when the level knob is turned all the way up,the delay effect actually turns into a echo/reverb messed up-sound.definately strange.but if i turn the volume knob on the guitar down some,then i start getting the delay effect coming out of the amp,but somewhat faintly.then i plugged the dd-3 pedal into the parallel loop,which is tube-driven on this amp,and still am experiencing similiar problems-having the dd-3 level knob set full wet then messing with the dry/wet knob setting on the amp.i've been researcing this issue on this forum and seems like there may be an issue with using a "pedal"(which,i guess,works on "instrument" level) in an effects loop(which,i guess,operates on "line" level).seeing that a delay effect is supposed to be used in an effects loop rather than going into the front of an amp,i'm wondering if,what i'm experiencing here,is really related to this instrument level/line level difference and i should actually be using a rack-mount style delay effect instead??? if anyone has experienced this before or can explain what's going on & what the solution is-please respond!!! i need some help! ......thanks alot!!!
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    Re: Effects loop problem with Boss DD-3 pedal?

    Sounds like a problem with the effects loop on that amp. I use a Boss DD-2 in the loop of my Marshall with no problem at all.

    The line/instrument level thing is mostly seen on rack mount processors allowing you to switch them between line level use or instrument level use.

    The problem you're experiencing sounds like the amp itself. Talk with someone at the music store that is familiar with that amp. There has been a similar issue with other amps that were easily remedied by modding the effects loop but you said this amp has a series and parellel loop? Ask the saleman for the manual and read it. That should give the answer.


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      Re: Effects loop problem with Boss DD-3 pedal?

      I've used my DD-3 in the effects loops of my Marshall 2553 and Tech 21 TM60 amps and had no problems with either. Is yours connected like this? :

      Effects Send --> DD-3 Input ... DD-3 Output --> Effects Return


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        Re: Effects loop problem with Boss DD-3 pedal?

        yeah,i've got the dd-3 hooked up the same way! i tried a DOD delay pedal that the store had and came up with the same,it must be related to this circuitry of the effects loop of this amp.i'll have to mess with it some more.or better yet,i'll call up Randall Amps and run it past them.i really like the tone of this amp playing through the ULTRA module.very nice heavy,crunchy yet smooth tone.i'd hate to think i'd have to move on & seek out another amp to buy...thanks for the responses guys.much appreciated!!!