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Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

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  • Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

    ... I need one more thing. In one of the tunes in my current band's setlist, I'm supposed to hit a note and let it feedback for awhile while other things are going on, and I've been having trouble coaxing it out of any of my guitars. I'm actually very close now, with the Chopper in my Strat plugged into a Boss Heavy Metal pedal, running on the amp's clean channel.

    By the way, these Boss HM-2s are a forgotten gem, I swear, and they're going for nothing right now on ebay. I've always been sort of curious how they sound compared to a Metal Zone - the last time I tried a MZ, I hated it, but that was ages ago... but I digress.

    Now then, what I'm wondering is, what do I need to just kick what I've got over the edge so it starts feeding back? I can turn the volume up on the amp, but I need to go from the extended feedback burst right back into frantic power chording, so that won't really work. Right now, I just get sustain for years, which is fantastic in its own right, particularly from a Strat, but not what's called for.

    I've been thinking of throwing my Big Muff in after the HM-2, but it tends to alter the sound fairly radically. Any other thoughts?

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    Re: Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

    a sounds crazy..but work with a dyna comp...kick it in, and put the guitar in front of the for days! because the compressor kicks the signal up, the amp keeps getting a steady signal, so the sound continues to grow or fall as you move's the perfect feedback creater! I use mine for that very purpose
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      Re: Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

      Yep, compressors are good for this and also to limit you out of this range if you want to avoid feedback- Probalby the most overlooked effect (because it is 'colorless') and Alex Lifeson, David Gilmore, and Mark KNophler sounds are only avaiable this way-

      Beleive it or not, ancient DP100 has a 'feedback setting' where it appears to seemlessly loop a sound when you hit it- ONly works with some sounds, but just incredible in a band settign when playing quitely-

      Another good effect is a parametrics eq and you can do lots of fun feedback things with them- The most simple is to 'ring out' your rig wiht one- Just put your settings where ever you usually want them and then boost midrange bands one at a time- 1 or 2 of them are just about gaurnateed to be in the range to blow you out of the room

      Last but not least, I used to use a stereo rig with this same frequesncy passing on to a fuzz box and it's one wild sound! You could have a clean fender sound with this one fuzed out frequency in the middle- Very cool aeffect!
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        Re: Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

        I just get closer to my amp.
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          Re: Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

          If you are really having trouble getting feedback, look for a used boss DF-1 Distortion/Feedbacker . . . you can kinda pick and control the notes that you feedback with them . . . plus you get another distortion pedal
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            Re: Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

            Hendrix and SRV would lean into a note & stomp on a wah and it would go into feedback, ala Voodoo Chile.
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              Re: Ok, got guitar, pickup, and Pedal #1...

              Boss HM-2 Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instant wayback machine to 1983! Finicky with the level and treble, but it rocks.

              +1 one on compressor set to max sustain + point it at the amp!
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