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    Re: Carr amps

    Originally posted by OlinMusic
    I think the Rambler is a sweet head for cleans. I think I played a Slant 6v and liked it. I don't know them much for their distortion circuit - but ot's one loud little clean amp.

    I would go for the Bogner Shiva over a Carr anyday. That amp can play jazz AND level a metal band all in one sitting, at the touch of a pedal. The verb is luscious!

    I'm lovin' my Shiva. At first I thought it may have been the wromg amp for me. I thought the drive channel was a little to modern sounding to me, but I am beginning to get it dialed in. I am basically a blues/bluesrock kind of player. Initially I had some concerns about the cleans, but now I have tone thats comparable to a Plexi. The Drive channel is a Plexi on Steroids. I'm still tweaking here and there but I agree with your statement This is a mother of an Amp!!!
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