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My LovePedals Arrived...BAD ASS Factor 10

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  • My LovePedals Arrived...BAD ASS Factor 10

    LovePedal ( is the real deal. These pedals sound amazing (Chuch of Tone 50 is a vintage plexi in a pedal, while the Eternity is a stupendous clean boost/overdrive).

    The COT50 has fabulous shimmer with its clear dynamic voice. Super sexy and seriously intoxicating to play through. I've never had a pedal that is so sensitive to my pick attack, volume control, etc. I turn the bias knob just a bit and it gives a little fur to the sound ringing with swirling overtones. Sounds just great.

    The Eternity is a very cool overdrive. It's super smoooooth. You know, it does the overdrive thing...good. Not quite as awe-inducing as the COT50, but still a great unit that won't be replaced. They're very cooperative when stacked as well!

    Both pedals a pretty quiet and true bypass, which is always a plus! Very, very impressed, and excited!! I'm sure that the COT50 would make friends with every single guitar player. Really, nails the Hendrix tone and vibe. Such an airy tone. Lovely. Mmm Mmm Mmm.

    Anyway, I'l post some pics of these black beauties in the next couple of days. Just had to vent!

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    Re: My LovePedals Arrived...BAD ASS Factor 10

    What amp(s) are you playing them through?
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      Re: My LovePedals Arrived...BAD ASS Factor 10

      I've actually only had the luxury of playing them through my solid state Marshall MG100DFX. That's the best part...I haven't even touched the IIC+.