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MXR Flanger build coming along / Components Needed

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  • MXR Flanger build coming along / Components Needed

    I'm building the original version, with the Reticon SAD1024A bbd chip. I'm trying to get some pictures taken of it in progress but the camera seems to be messing up.

    [I'll post the picture here when it's uploaded]

    Soldering this is hard - the soldering pads for each hole are very small and the soldering iron doesn't have a small tip. I'm getting there, albeit very slowly. I'm trying not to rush this project. I sucessfully managed to get 15v supply to it from a 9v adaptor, by using a MAXX1044 charge pump to get 17.2v, and then installing a low-dropout voltage regulator to make it 15v.

    By the way:

    Does anyone have a JRC4558 (or rc4558p) chip, and 2 electrolytic 15uF capacitors? I'm building an MXR Flanger (which will be posted on the tech center by the way), and all I need to finish the kit is these parts.

    Smallbear (or any electronics manufacturer that supplies hobbyists in the UK) don't have any 15uF polarised electrolytics, and either smallbear sent me 1 less rc4558p than I ordered, or I lost one while unpacking my order as I'm definately 1 short than I need.

    I could trade original MXR factory schematic and board layout sheets for the parts, or I could pay by paypal I guess.

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