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fender hot rod and blues deville

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  • fender hot rod and blues deville

    is there any difference between these two besides the fact that the blues deville is finished in tweed and costs 40 bucks more retail?.. I'm thinking of picking up either one of these in the 4 by 10 version (I need a good clean tone with plenty of headroom) and also wondering if anybody has experience with these amps.. should I go with the 4 by 12 instead?.. how do they compare with the 4 by 10 Traynor is selling?

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    Re: fender hot rod and blues deville

    personally i like the tone of the blues better. the hot rod has more gain and more bottom but less mids to my ears. the blues seems to break up just a little sooner.
    the speakers in all those amps could use replacement for an easy tone upgrade