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Draining the filter caps

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  • Draining the filter caps

    I'm going to do some work on my Fender Hrdx and have decided that draining the caps is a good idea. I read somewhere to use a 25K 10W cement power resistor to accomplish this. My question, is it OK to use a epoxy coated resister instead of the cement resistor?

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    Re: Draining the filter caps

    For a good reference go here.
    Half the time when I drain caps I don't even use a resistor. It is a good Idea to use one to eliminate some Pyrotechnics.


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      Re: Draining the filter caps

      It's the resistance and power-handling capability that matter. Assuming a B+ of about 450 VDC, that 25K resistor will be dissipating about 8 watts for the short time it takes to discharge the caps. So, any 25 K 10-watt resistor will do.

      You could also use a 50K 5 watt, but it will take twice as long to discharge the caps. Always make sure you check with a meter to make sure it's dead before starting work.
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        Re: Draining the filter caps

        Be sure to take off the clips before you start the amp back up....

        Pyrotechnics to say the least. Burn baby burn!

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