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  • question for laney lovers

    what i cant understand is how come laney has never bothered to make reissues....i mean i would buy a couple of supergroup reissues, and a couple klipp heads... i emailed the company, they emailed back saying they have no intention of making any reissues so all laney lovers email the compay and tell them to make some reissues!!!!!!
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    Re: question for laney lovers

    You can pick up originals for next to nothing on ebay if you look for a while
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      Re: question for laney lovers

      The Laney company has changed hands a few times over the years.(Unlike Marshall still owned and operated by JCM) I've email Laney to find info about my Pro Tube? They referred me to MAJ electronics in the UK. So part of the problem is they may not own the pattens to the older amps? Another problem, Unlike Leo Fender and Jim Marshall(who always listen to their customers suggestions) Who ever is running Laney may not realize the market potential for re-issue's or just doesn't care.