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Using a guitar through a bass amp?

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  • Using a guitar through a bass amp?

    Hey guys, I know using a bass through a guitar amp can mess up the guitar amp's speakers, but what happens if you use a guitar through a bass amp? Do the speakers hold up to regular use like this?

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    Re: Using a guitar through a bass amp?

    With a guitar you are not gonna hurt anything. It's probably not gonna sound too good...but It'll work. time for a wacky smile


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      Re: Using a guitar through a bass amp?

      It'll be fine.
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        Re: Using a guitar through a bass amp?

        you may find the next greatest tone ever.. a la Fender Bassman
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          Re: Using a guitar through a bass amp?

          think of it like a subwoofer that isn't crossed-over (if you have subs in your car go ahead and turn the low-pass filter off and you'll get the idea). You'll get a muffled/ not so good sound but it wont hurt the amp or speakers. I know kryuss (josh homme's band before queens of the stone age) used to do this.
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            Re: Using a guitar through a bass amp?

            Even ignoring the historical precedence for playing a guitar through an amp originally designed for bass (a la the Bassman) I've heard and gotten some pretty good guitar sounds from modern bass amps. It forces distortion duties to pedals and such, as modern bass amps tend to go out of their way NOT to distort much even when pushed very hard, but the results can sometimes be very pleasing.
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              Re: Using a guitar through a bass amp?

              right now i runn everything throuh my Ampeg B2 bass amp. Its got a 15 in it so it can handle anything. It sounds good too. Took me a while to get setting I liked but it has kick. It just takes more tweaking thats all. Add a good amount of mids. As for distortion I use a Ibanez Super Metal SM9 into a Sonic Distortion SD9. Sounds good. the sd9 is weak on the bottom end, but the sm9 adds plenty of chunk and bottom end and boosts the sd9. works well. the real prize will be when i have it run alongside my boogie. but first i need to get my boogie out of storage.