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Best volume pedal?

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  • Best volume pedal?

    Someone tell me, straight up, whats the best all around volume pedal that's not insanely priced. I just need one for swells and all the cool stuff volume pedals can do...What should I get?
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    Re: Best volume pedal?

    I Love the Ernie Ball Mono Volume pedal....It's built like a tank and it has a switch that allows you to change how the volume tapers...I use mine in many different situations...I use it as a master volume control with my Vox VTH control board or as a stand alone volume pedal...I also have used it with my Digitech GSP 2101 Artist live to control master volume through the Control One Foot Controller and it's flawless! I've had my pedal for several years now and it's the best...
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      Re: Best volume pedal?

      he's right, the ernie ball will outlast all of us. the absolute best volume pedal you will ever need.
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        Re: Best volume pedal?

        ditto...i have the EB volume JR. The tuner out on that pedal rocks as it takes some tone suckage off.