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  • marvar
    Re: Pa HElP please

    It's kinda hard to explain, but basically, you are overdriving the mixer into distortion, which in turn is overdriving your speakers= that is only a 125 watt amp, you are asking it to do things it just wasn't designed to do-you could hardly use it for a folk singer in a coffeehouse, are you trying to mic everything or just vocals? Even then, for metal, you'll never get anywhere close to hearing yourself above a drummer, let alone a whole band.
    PA systems need ALOT of headroom, and 125 watts just isn't gonna give it to you, especially as you are having to run it wide open. I would consider selling it, and getting something along the lines of 3-500 watts, just for practice, don't even ask it to do a live show.
    As you said, it isn't the most fantastic system out there.

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  • markie
    started a topic Pa HElP please

    Pa HElP please

    hey, me and my girlfriend just recieved our new pa, its a carlsbro cobra 1100, i know not the most fantastic pa out there but we are on a tight budget, thing is in order to get a decent volume our of it we have to have it on full and wen we try shouting/screaming (we are a metal band) the speakers do the most awful crackling noise... so as an experiment i put the mic infront of my amp and played with it on full volume and not one crackle.....the mic we use is a senheiser e185s.....not a budget one....... could anyone suggest why it crackles when we sing but it cna handle the guitar amp fine ?