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Bag End cabinets?

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  • Bag End cabinets?

    I ran across a few of these on ebay. Does anyone know anything about them beyond what I can read on their website?

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    Re: Bag End cabinets?

    My friend gigs with a 410
    very punchy, great projection
    well contructed
    nice balanced tone and sweet lows
    he uses it for jazz, Latin, and R&B
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      Re: Bag End cabinets?

      Bag End is best known for outstanding subwoofer setups.
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        Re: Bag End cabinets?

        back in the late 80s early 90s, i remember hearing frank gambale run his rack through a pair of bag end 1x12" ... i think he had EVM-12Ls in them ... sounded spectacular with his triaxis and powe amp (can't remember which he used then)

        built VERY well - kinda pricey as i recall when i specked em out ...

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          Re: Bag End cabinets?

          wtf do hobbits have to do with speaker cabinets?


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            Re: Bag End cabinets?

            GREAT guitar cabs.
            I played thru a 4x12 @ AES last year. Killer!
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