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Good Fx Unit Or Verb?

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  • Good Fx Unit Or Verb?

    I am trying to decide how I want to get my reverbs and FX. I have a great pedal board, but I prefer to lighten my load and keep it simple.

    I figure a rack mount Unit would be good for verb. I have some older units but I am not thrilled with fidelity. They color my sound sooo much. I have looked into the Alesis Midiverb.

    HOw about for chorus? TC Elec? Voodoo Labs?

    Some thoughts? I have a great amp set up, I just want really transparent effects for session work. Getting clarity is a challenge. Under HIGH GAIN it's esp hard or the other extreme - really clean for R&B or country-ish things.

    Anyone use OD's in the front?
    1973 Les Paul Standard
    1973 Marshall Super Lead 100