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Played a fender deville today...

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  • Played a fender deville today...

    Holy freakin crap man... MOJO. I really really didn't wanna ever turn it off- just so beautiful and thick and rich. I'm starting to think I just generally like "american" sounding amps a lot better than "british" voiced ones. That amp would never cut it for me in a high gain situation, but jesus- it sounded godly for everything else. Before plugging into that I had been playing a bit through a couple mesas. First I tired a lonestar which sounded nice in its own right and had a lot of good tones in it, then I tried an F50 which I thought I'd like but it had sort of a brittle quality to the top end I couldn't dial out. Then the fender- no wonder so many people swear by fenders. The other two didn't even touch it. Really makes me wanna try one of those new super sonics... or else change my playing style to something lower gain
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    Re: Played a fender deville today...

    yeah they're good amps

    give a supersonic a go, though. They're in their own league as far as i'm concerned
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