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Frankenbasses! Let's see 'em

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    Re: Frankenbasses! Let's see 'em

    I think my next project will be a bass

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      Re: Frankenbasses! Let's see 'em

      Originally posted by Wattage View Post
      My bass player's Squier VM Precision/Tele Bass

      It's a pretty cool bass out of the box but kind of limited sonically so he wanted a P set in it to broaden it's range. Did it last week for him and it came out pretty good. Lots of heavy sounds out of this thing. Stock mudbucker and DiMarzio P Bass pickup with a 3 way switch.

      Did you have to route to put the 3 way switch in? the control cavity looks tiny.

      do any of you have any idea what the black paint in the cavity is and what it's there for?


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        Re: Frankenbasses! Let's see 'em

        I can't see the picture you are referring to. But black paint in the control cavity, when it's obviously different than the paint on the body, is electrically conductive paint. It's used to shield the bass the same way copper foil tape is used.
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          Re: Frankenbasses! Let's see 'em

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