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Epiphone Thunderbird Pro?

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  • Epiphone Thunderbird Pro?

    Sorry to be a bastard and start asking question before I even introduce myself. :/ Can someone direct me to where I should make myself known, before I get myself in trouble? Haha.

    Anyways, to the question. I played the old Epi Thunderbird IV a couple years ago, after having been sucked in by it's looks for months. After I played it though I left an unhappy lad, neck was terrible for my little hands. But apparently the new neck-thru ones are awesome, so I'm grabbing one from an online shop (I can return it if I hate it) to test out. Can anyone give me a bit of a description or comparison to a P-bass here? Any T-bird owners?

    But now I'm faced with the question, to go for the Thunderbird IV (2-band active Epiphone pickups) or the Thunderbird IV Classic (Gibson USA T-Bird pickups)?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Does anybody here own or have played either of these? Thanks anyway!

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    Re: Epiphone Thunderbird Pro?

    I have the Nikki Sixx version. It has a bolt-on neck. It has a tendency to neck-dive, but I learned to hook my right arm over the tail as I'm playing, and that holds it in place so my left hand doesn't have to do any work to keep the neck up. The neck feels great to me, but then again my hands aren't small.

    I'm not sure what you're looking for in the way of a comparison with a Precision, but I can tell you I prefer the feel of the T-bird neck to the feel of your average wide P-bass neck. The Precision balances better. The T-bird has more bottom end.

    The only Precision I have is a Peter Wentz signature -- I love the feel of it, but it has a Jazz neck.
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