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Rougher trading in basses?

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    Re: Rougher trading in basses?

    Originally posted by Funkfingers View Post
    I do not find bass guitar vendors to be any more or less flaky than those selling guitars, amps or effects. The more deals you strike, the more chance you have of getting a dud.
    Generslly if I buy on line I research the heck out of it before I pull the trigger, and if it on Ebay then you have to be willing to take a loss, just in case. I have always made out ok, I prefer to buy it in person.
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      Re: Rougher trading in basses?

      Just as an update, unresponsive seller was woken up by ebay service and refunded me enough money to keep the mislabed bass. Still not sure it was wise to keep it but I probably would have lost the return shipment money either way.

      Whatever. Just play.