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  • NBAD: Tech 21 Landmark 300

    A few weeks ago, Musician's Friend featured the Tech 21 Landmark 300 bass amp as their Stupid Deal of the Day. I happened to see it and ordered one.
    Below is the new amp, as well as my old GK bass amp.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    It has two channels, based on the Bass Driver and Para Driver DI boxes. I have owned the Bass Driver since about 1999.
    I've only had the chance to plug in and listen to it once so far. The blend knob on the upper channel is nice because it goes from a more neutral sounding bass amp tone (the tone controls seem to still be active so I can still adjust the high and low end) to that smooth, punchy, "just like on a CD" Bass Driver tone. That channel alone is like having two channels because the blend control gives it a completely different voicing when turned up. It's more bassy than just running the Bass Driver ahead of my GK amp though.
    The lower channel is very cool. There is much more flexibility with the parametric mid control. Being able to boost or cut a band of frequencies that is selectable allows dialing in a lot of cool tones.

    I've only plugged my Peavey Fury (P bass style) into it so far. I'm looking forward to spending more time with it discovering cool tones for my Rickenbacker and my fretless bass.

    Down the road, I'm tempted to get one of Tech 21's SVT bass DI boxes, plug my bass into that, and plug the SVT DI's output into the power amp input of this amp, thereby using the SVT DI as a preamp voiced to sound like an Ampeg SVT (which is a little pricey my budget).
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    Re: NBAD: Tech 21 Landmark 300

    Nice grab!
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      Re: NBAD: Tech 21 Landmark 300

      That's a nice addition to your rig, congrats! BTW, what was the price on that unit? I want to get one, but my finances and the lower prices (i.e. eBay) have never been in synch. I recall Tech21 had some pretty cool clips of the tones that were possible on their web site, haven't visited it in quite a long time. I know a few people who have the bass preamp, but haven't run across anyone who owns the Landmark head—I'm still hoping to buy one down the road.