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Try this for refreshing your strings

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    Re: Try this for refreshing your strings

    Originally posted by SongsForTheDeaf View Post
    what's wrong with Squier ? my main guitar is a 300 dollar Vintage Modified Tele Deluxe... I love it!
    I misrepresented myself there; I think Squiers are huge bang for the buck, well above Epi in comparison to Gibson. The thing is he's got a couple old Squiers for main and backup, and he's got a Rickenbacker and some other "neato" basses hanging around waiting for the Squiers to die...which apparently won't be happening, since his main is what he recorded Badmotorfinger with, and is still playing.

    God dat thickness.
    Originally posted by Funkfingers
    Music is for life. Without parole.


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      Re: Try this for refreshing your strings

      Originally posted by One Bad Monkey View Post
      It'll work with flats as well. The basic premise is that you're just getting the grime out of the spaces between the winds of the strings, and while those spaces are much smaller with flats, they're still there.
      You're totally right! Gave it try on my flats that were about 2 months old. Puts a good amount of zing back actually. Not as much as the video demonstrates, which I expected with the flats. I like the sound of fresh flats actually though I know a lot of people prefer them older.

      Also for the people boiling their strings, I heard alcohol works much better and is much easier and more efficient because it is meant for cleaning metal and evaporates faster, plus water corrodes strings more and gives them a patina, which won't boil off and will keep your tone dull. Plus you don't have to wait for the water to boil or anything.

      What I'm more concerned about it how hard slapping it like that is on your frets. I put a thin piece of t-shirt between my frets when I did it because I'm paranoid, but it still works.