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  • Bruce Thomas FTW

    Browsing through my MP3s in the car yesterday, I decided to listen to Elvis Costello's "This Year's Model". I was immediately reminded why Bruce Thomas is one of my favorite bassists. Though he was seldom as out-front as his contemporary Graham Maby, Thomas nevertheless drove the Attractions' songs with long, flowing, melodic lines. He learned from Motown how to craft lines that were supportive and in-the-pocket, but still interesting and busy.

    I once knew a guitarist who included "Lipstick Vogue" as a must-have song any time he auditioned a bass player.
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    Re: Bruce Thomas FTW

    I've got him as one of my subscribed YouTube channels. There's not much on there, but he can still knock out a decent line.
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      Re: Bruce Thomas FTW

      I have been watching many stuff and found him amazing
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